Disability Awareness Week

Disability Awareness Week October 16-20, 2017

DISABILITY AWARENESS WEEK is a series of events meant to educate members of the Iowa State community about issues related to the experiences of people with disabilities.

  • Tuesday, October 17th: "So Like, Can You Do It?": Disability and Sexuality
    • Start time: 7:00 PM
    • End time: 8:30 PM
    • Location: Campanile Room
    • Description: Ever had questions you’ve wanted to ask, but weren’t sure how? Here is your chance! The Alliance for Disability Awareness is hosting a student panel on disability and sexuality. We are here to answer questions you may have about how we do things, how sex with a disability is different, the effects of disability on the development of sexuality and how the disability identity impacts relationships.
  • Wednesday, October 18th: Alliance for Disability Awareness Ice Cream Social
    • Start time: 5:00 PM
    • Location: Lobby of the Student Services Building
    • Description: Come enjoy ice cream and sherbet with the ADA!
  • Thursday, October 19: Disability Summit
    • Start time: 9:00 AM
    • End time: 4:00 PM
    • Location: Reiman Gardens
    • Description: ISU is hosting the state’s annual Disability Awareness Summit at Reiman Gardens, which brings together disability resources providers in Iowa higher education for a day of discussion, education, and collaboration planning for their work throughout the year, as well as providing education for departments/divisions who partner with disability resource providers. One fantastic addition to this year’s summit is a keynote address by former Senator Tom Harkin.
  • Friday, October 20th: Step Into My World
    • Start time: 10:00 AM
    • End time: 12:00 PM
    • Location: Parks Library entrance
    • Description: Have you ever wanted to try navigating in a wheelchair or with a white cane? The The Alliance for Disability Awareness is hosting a “Step Into My World” event where you can experience Parks Library using a mobility assistance device.

If you have questions or need reasonable accommodations to participate in these events contact the Student Disability Resources Office at 515-294-7220.