Our Mission

The Student Disability Resources Office (SDR) at Iowa State University is a unit in the Dean of Students Office that supports qualified students with documented disabilities.   SDR believes that equity, social justice, and diversity are essential to creating/maintaining an environment of equal access and opportunity for all. We believe that disability is a naturally occurring aspect of the diversity of life and that it is an integral part of society and to the Iowa State University campus community. 

Our mission is accomplished by:

  • Partnering actively with teaching faculty, staff, the Dean of Students Office, and the University community to create environments that are accessible, usable, equitable, inclusive, and sustainable. 
  •  Promoting awareness and equal access through training, partnerships, innovative programs, outreach, education, and coordination of reasonable accommodations.
  • Serving as a point-of-contact for any individual interested in learning about eligibility for services and reasonable accommodations at Iowa State University.  
  • Providing information and assistance regarding the delivery of reasonable accommodations.