Applying for Accommodations

Step One

Call us at (515) 294-7220 to schedule a Welcome Meeting with a Disability Coordinator.


Complete the New Student Information Form, save it, and then submit the saved document as an attachment to  We will contact you to schedule a Welcome Meeting.  

Step Two

If possible, provide documentation from your medical professional before the Welcome Meeting.  For specific details regarding necessary documentation, please refer to the Documentation Guidelines

Documentation may be provided via:

Fax:(515) 294-2397
Mail:1076 Student Services Building, 2505 Union Drive, Ames, Iowa  50011

Step Three

A Disability Coordinator from SDR will review the documentation provided by your medical professional and determine eligibility for services.  

Step Four

After eligibility for services has been confirmed, a meeting will be scheduled to implement services.

Step Five

Each semester you will need to contact SDR to request your Notification Letters (NL).  You will take this letter to the instructor of each class for which you will use accommodations and work with the instructor to determine how the accommodation will be provided.

Step Six

Contact Student Disability Resources with any questions or concerns.