Student Disability Resources

Transition to college is a challenging time for most students, and it can be more challenging for students with disabilities. It is the recommendation of the Student Disability Resources (SDR) staff that students contact our office as soon as possible to self-identify early so that we can work together to determine eligibility, identify issues and get accommodations in place.

If you want to receive academic accommodations while studying at ISU, you will need to work closely with Student Disability Resources (SDR) staff and your professors/instructors to help make sure that everything you need (in terms of supports and/or accommodations) is in place and ready when you begin classes. To see that this happens, please:

  1. Meet with SDR staff to complete a “welcome meeting” to review our eligibility requirements and the documentation you need to provide us to determine possible reasonable accommodations or services.
  2. Contact SDR immediately if you have already supplied documentation to our office and have not heard back from us regarding your eligibility for accommodations.
  3. Contact us immediately if you know that you will need specific supports or accommodations in your residence hall so we can assist you in getting the process started.
  4. Meet with an SDR staff member before classes begin every semester to review your status and complete your Notification Letter for each class.